About Senigram & Davenport......

A little over 11 years ago, two of the busiest agents at what was Coldwell Banker - Jon Douglas Co. decided to join forces. Both were convicted to high levels of personal service for their clients and believed that by combining their resources and skills it would not only allow them to grow their business substantially, but would also allow delivery of even greater level of professional service. With those goals in mind Steven Senigram and Champ Davenport shook hands and created a partnership that quickly became the "go-to" team for numerous lenders and services as well for inner-company REO referrals from the Coldwell Banker Southern California Corporate Relocation. 

Their partnership was consistently one of the Top 5 REO teams in the CB Social Division of over 4,000 agents and were acknowledged numerous times for quarterly production placing them in the top 10 of all agents in the Western Region of the United States.


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